Stay a while Princess.

She tries to outrun her life. To outrun the truth. Constantly running. Searching for an alternate reality. Trying escape from what she knows is real. But she’s tired…

Slow down Princess. Stop running. Temporary fantasies are fun, but they are only temporary. You can’t hide from your reality by escaping into something that isn’t real. Being pulled back into the truth unwillingly is only going to cause you more harm. Stay a while and see that within your world are people who love you. People who would do anything to make each day a little bit easier for you. People who are wanting to help. You’ve just got to stop running and accept it. Accept your truth, and accept the help. Allow those who are willing to love you unconditionally and love them in return. Learn to enjoy every small bit of happiness you can find and you’ll soon learn that every small smile grows into a bigger happiness.

You have but one life. Do not spend it running away. Stay a while. Just a while. And you’ll see. Let people in and you’ll see. 

It’s okay Princess. It’s okay. 


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