Will you love the few, or hurt the many?

Most will say that love hurts. I disagree. I think that love is the only good thing this world has to offer. But love, like life, is doomed to end. That is what hurts. 

Our mortal minds compel us to act upon impulse. If your devotion is strong enough, your impulses are acts towards your loved one. 

If your devotion is not strong enough, your impulses may lead to someone else. A strong sense of acknowledgement that you have but one life will not allow you to deny the possibilities of more. More than what you have. More than the life you’re settled in. More to be discovered. Your mind craves love, but not from one single person but from everyone that provides something different until you are satisfied with them, and so continues the cycle. 

But what of that adventure? Sounds harmless. Sounds fair. Who is to deny you your thirst to taste the world? However, once you have built your ramp of broken hearts, upon what triumph do you stand? You have crushed the hearts of many, left your mark against those who are now broken, and there you stand. Content with your adventure, but alone. Beside you stands no one. How do you feel? Have you reached your goal, or have you merely wasted years that could have been spent loving one single person who would have loved you in return and in the end, have that person by your side? 

Do not allow yourself to succumb to your mortality. At the end of your lifetime, what is it that you wish to leave behind? Broken hearts and bad memories? Or instead, a family that will continue your legacy. Be it a legacy of success, a legacy of good will or merely a legacy of love. Regardless, it’s a legacy that will not be forgotten with one generation. 

Allow yourself to love deeply, and to be loved deeply in return. And I am sorry to inform you of this, but that will not happen on a platform above broken hearts, but rather in the hands of one that you have held close for years, one that you have invested years of effort and care into. 


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