My First Poem

Okay. So this is my first blog. And I thought it would be a great idea to add the first poem I ever wrote as my first blog.

This is quite scary for me, so keep the criticism down for this one. I have never shown my poetry to anyone before. I have been scared of what they might say. But it’s also very personal to me. See, when I write poems, what you read is not always what you get. It goes much deeper than that. Every sentence, every word, every picture that’s drawn has an alternate meaning. And that meaning is whatever you need it to be at the time that you read it. Whatever you are going through changes the meaning of the story. But that explanation is for another entry. Let’s keep this one simple. Enjoy xx

Background on the poem. I was about 14. The night I wrote this poem was when I went to stay at a friend’s house. We decided to stay up the entire night so at about 4 in the morning we took all of her ornaments from inside the house and glittered the garden with them. We had candles hanging from the trees, vases on the driveway and small decorations all over the grass. It was summer so the sun was rising. Here it is…

The Wilderness

Ah… Sitting in the wilderness. What a dream.

The beautiful song the wind plays through the leaves.

I find myself lost in another world when I am outside. Like all the worries and stress of the world has blown away. The gentleness of Mother Nature’s touch send shivers down my spine as it sends me into a slumber.

I fall into a trance while watching the elegant dance the grass performs whilst laying under the stars. I look to them and it’s like they are looking back, smiling, reassuring me that everything is going to be okay.

Never have I felt so alive. So safe. So sure that happiness exists.

Being upset when in nature’s most natural self is impossible.

The butterflies kiss away the pain, the hurt, the anger.

Being in the wilderness is like being infinitely free. Free, but not alone… You see, when you cry, the rain cries with you. When you are happy, the trees celebrate with you. When you are lonely, the wind sings to you as the grass dances for you. You are never alone. There is so much life around you. And I don’t mean walking, talking, breathing life.


Not bad for a 14 year old, stressed, over-tired kid? … yeah I agree, terrible! 😛 But it’s sentimental. It reminds me that even through the worst part of my life (at the time – again, that’s another story) I was still able to look at the most simple things and feel completely at peace with it all. It’s inspiring, although rather terribly written.

I hope you enjoyed, and thanks for reading this far!

Bye for now ❤


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